When And How Will The Coronavirus Pandemic End?


The Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is undergoing a critical moment. It seems that we are prisoners in a free society. We can’t move comfortably, can’t take our foodstuff freely, even we can’t talk to each other as before. A simple microscopic organism has made these unwanted things possible. Small but what a mighty virus!! Yes, we are talking about coronavirus popularly known as COVID-19. Till now, this virus has affected about 58 lac people and snatched away 3 lac 55 thousand lives. What a pathetic scene! The whole world is looking forward to seeing a permanent remedy for this. However, in this article, we will discuss when and how the universe can get rid of this destructive virus.The Coronavirus Pandemic is going on now.

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Where Is The Endpoint of This Coronavirus?

 We are in a mess now. Everywhere there is a fear, and the fear is about a life-threatening virus named novel coronavirus. China saw the appearance of this virus first in December 2019. Since then, it has been spreading all over the world in full swing. No nation is now out of fear of this disaster. World Health Organization (WHO) has announced it as a global pandemic. Every day this virus is taking thousands of lives continuously. The USA has crossed one lac death case as the first nation of the world.

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Many states are following social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdown policies. Butthis can’t go for long as the economy will be standstill. However, new reports show that the introduction of a new vaccine is closer than before. So, a question arises automatically- when and how will the coronavirus pandemic end? A straightforward answer is that no one can assure of it as it’s an unpredictable and entirely new virus. But the world faced such disasters earlier and finally saw their disappearance as scientists developed vaccines and applied them. If we look at the previous pandemics, we can have an idea to predict when this disaster will disappear. Previously they took on an average of 12-36 months to end.

Researchers and scientists predict that the world will see the continuation of this virus throughout the year 2020. It will start to vanish in the year 2021 as hopefully we will have a vaccine then and become experienced about this ailment.

How to Eliminate This Disease

How to Eliminate This Disease

 We don’t know how we can eradicate this virus from our life. But if we don’t take proper steps, it would be difficult for us to survive. Already we have lost many of our neighbors, soul mates, friends, and family members. Though we don’ want to lose more, every day, this deadly virus is doing this thing continuously.

However, the following three possible ways can help us get rid of this chaos:

  • Vaccination
  • Natural immunity
  • Fixed behavioral change/other alternatives

These three ways can lessen the expansion of the infection that this virus can do.

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When a person gets infected, he needs vaccination because it provides him with the necessary immunity.

By immunizing a significant portion of the total citizens of a country (about 60%), a nation can stop the breakout of the virus. We know this popular idea as herd immunity.

Scientists are trying their heart and soul for an effective vaccine to fight this virus. But they can’t assure of a specific time about when their attempt will be fruitful. However, the whole of humankind is waiting eagerly for a piece of good news. One day they will get up from bed hearing the news that coronavirus is just a simple issue for them. And they have got a powerful vaccination to cope with this virus.

If all things are okay, still, we are about 12-18 months away from getting a potent vaccine. That means we have to wait a long time and have to bear this unusual event till then.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Natural immunity:

Coronavirus pandemic has taught us an important thing, and it’s putting importance on our immunity. A robust immune system of the body saves us from different viruses, bacteria, and other organisms that lead us to several ailments. However, we contact, ingest and breathe in these organisms consistently.

Till the invention of a vaccine, we can fight this COVID-19 by building up a strong immunity naturally. It can give our body multi-layered protection.

We can ensure a reliable immune system of our body by leading a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet plan can help us a great deal in this regard. We should take natural and seasonal fruits as they are high in different vitamins and minerals. Protein and zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, antioxidant-rich foods, prebiotic and probiotic-containing foods etc. can help us to be the owner of an amazing immune system.

As science is helpless till now to fight this pandemic, we have to depend on nature. This dependency has led us to natural immunity, and hopefully, it will help us to a great extent to survive.

However, an ever-increasing number of individuals are getting infected day by day, and the notion of herd immunity is becoming popular. But according to the specialists, it will take a long time to build up such type of resistance.

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Fixed behavioral change/other alternatives:

The last one is changing our habits permanently. It will help us lessen the transmission rates of infection.

This phase incorporates several alternatives. Early detection and isolation of patients can be one of the topmost priorities.

An effective medicine to handle coronavirus contamination fruitfully can support other alternatives as well.

Promoting drugs that can effectively treat a Covid-19 patient can help other methodologies as well. As soon as individuals start to show symptoms, doctors should apply these drugs on them to control the transmission.

Another possible way is to treat the infected persons in the hospitals to lessen the deadly effect of the disease. It will reduce the pressure of patients in the intensive care unit. In this way, nations will be able to handle more cases before any permanent solution comes.

Expanding a significant number of intensive care beds can be another alternative. It will enable a nation to check the outbreak more effectively.

However, though it’s a long term process, it is clear that the vaccine is the best possible way to get rid of this virus. We hope that the day is not far away when science will come out victorious, and we will breathe in a coronavirus-free world



 Life is a cycle, and death is an inevitable part of this cycle. None can deny the existence of death and can escape from it. But everyone wants a natural death. Imagine a situation where you are dead, and none of your near and dear ones are present there. How awful the scenery is! The view isn’t uncommon now. Coronavirus has made this possible, which the world didn’t confront before. However, we are going step by step to have a practical result of this problem. Till then, we have to follow the measures prescribed by the WHO to control the contamination and make us safe.


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